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Soap Nuts

11/18/14 10:00 am

WARNING - there are amazon links in this post that go to adult toys, among other things, with graphic pictures of said items - WARNING <Sean> hello <julia> Hey y'all <BA> hola! ...

The Question I’m Most Frequently Asked by Cardeno C.

11/17/14 6:00 am

I love interacting with readers and one way to do that is through interviews. When a blogger asks to interview me, I always have the same set of reactions:  What an honor! Yes, yes, yes!...

November catch-up

11/15/14 10:07 am

As usual, Saturday rolls around and I have no idea what I want to blog on Café Risque (note to self: be more organised) .  So the boring life of a writer once again is dragged out of the clo...

The Start of the Range

11/12/14 6:51 am

Happy Wednesday.  This spot usually contains the feature Ask Andrew and it will again, so don't worry.  But because I'm going to be on vacation for the next few weeks, Ask Andrew will take a...

Monkey Butt Bellybuttons

11/11/14 8:26 am

<julia> Hey y'all! <julia> One more week and we have a sean yeah! <BA> Woowoo! <julia> or rather <julia> Sean, yeah? <sean> wooohooo <BA> *grins* <B...