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A Year of Many Firsts by Felice Stevens

07/31/15 7:03 am

  Hi everyone! I'm Felice Stevens and I'm thrilled to be a part of the Cafe Risque family with these wonderful authors. I was thinking about what I should write for my first post a...


07/30/15 1:40 am

It's been a pretty busy couple weeks for me. Well, the whole summer, actually but the past couple weeks even more so. It's hard to get everything done during the summer and this week CROSSROADS releas...

Sorry for the Absence - Conferences, Conferences

07/29/15 7:21 am

Over the past few weeks, I have been travelling non stop.   I was booked into three conferences in three weeks and I can tell you it just about wore me completely out.  I sta...

minions doing American Ninja Warrior and favorite sex scenes to write

07/28/15 10:00 am

<BA> helooooo!!!  <sean> hello  <julia> hola!  <sean> I am watching american ninja warrior  <sean> and doing a lot of oogling  <BA> it...

Oyster (Subscription Reading) by Cardeno C.

07/28/15 1:06 am

Happy Monday! (I made it just under the wire with this post!) I've been having fun visiting with Ora so I haven't had time to write a blog post but I'll make it up to you by sharing a great coupon ....