What CC Is Reading

I'm loving this book by the always wonderful Riley Hart!


The author did a very good job using the time the men were together to move them from acquaintances to friends to lovers. Perfect Imperfections has a little bit of everything and is sure to be another hit for Cardeno C. If you have not yet tried...

Night Owl Reviews

Most of the story is watching the developing relationship between Simon and Mitch. The story doesn't follow a traditional arc, in that the conflict is set from the beginning and we are watching it slowly resolve over the course of the story. I...

Joyfully Jay

It is really a nice slow build for their relationship. I liked the pacing of the story. The slow burn and desire that becomes all-consuming and almost debilitating as the years pass. It makes the union that much sweeter when it finally happens....

3 Chicks After Dark

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