Control Reviews

Joyfully Jay
Joyfully Jay I absolutely loved Control. It is beautifully written with so many elements that worked perfectly for me. …The world building is wonderful…I also love the way the men's animal natures are done so well. Whether it is Robert's love of nesting and cuddling, or Vy's pleasure at flying and almost literal ruffled feathers when he gets worked up, we really get a nice sense of the animals within these men. The story is called Control, and that theme runs throughout the book….I loved the world these authors created and the wonderful way they portray the shifters. I found Robert and Vy such a great match for each other, one big and gentle and the other feisty and small. The two men are so different, but somehow they find comfort and strength in each other in such a lovely way. The story is romantic and sexy and really engaging. I just loved Control and very highly recommend it.

Live Your Life, Buy the Book This book took me through a variety of emotions but the overall one I felt was 'happy'. This is what I have come to expect from these two authors – feel good stories that leave me smiling.

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Love Bytes This book was so much fun. … I love that even though there is great sex between them, that there is also so very much more. Robert needs to take care of Vy and Vy needs to submit to Robert. There is so much going on with the two of them… This book was such a great read. I enjoyed the entire story. I love that these two authors brought the very best of talents together and created such great characters and a wonderful story. I was never thrown out of the story with editing problems or things that didn't make sense. Instead, I was lost into the world of Vy and Robert. I wanted them to get their HEA. I wanted Robert to feel that Vy wanted all of him and to know that he was truly loved. I loved that Vy learned that to be a good man and to be a good leader, he needed to be balanced and Robert gave that to him. He learned that he could be strong and yet, he could be generous and kind as well. Read. This. Book. You won't be disappointed. It's worth taking the time and enjoying falling in love with Vy and Robert. Their love affair was so beautiful. They had their issues to work out, but the way that they banded together to get through, was just beautiful to see. Take the time to sink into a great book and be whisked away into another world.

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MM Good Book Reviews This is an incredible story of two shifters coming together from different angles, one from shifter mating and the other from human attraction, and working out their differences to become a couple where love shines through. ...This was a wonderful story to read, it was such a joy to see these two men, who value different things about a person, to come together and make their relationship work. It isn't easy though because Vy places such value in his animal instincts, but Robert goes with his human instincts... Control is another beautifully blended story, the authors writing slips seamlessly together and complements each other perfectly. ...The storyline is wonderful showing that getting to know your mate is just as important as the mating instinct. There is some danger, tension, and violence but none of it is overdone and fits perfectly in the story, it isn't just there for show. I recommend this to those that love shifters, difficult matings, fantastic characters, a great storyline, hot sex, a story that leaves you with the warm fuzzies and a wonderful ending.

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Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books This story is amazing and beautifully told outlining how love is from the heart, regardless of destiny or fate. If you open your mind, you will see YOU control your future, your heart, not pheromones, instincts, or a gut feeling… they have an undeniable chemistry that is HOT. They know what they want and they don't hold back from getting it. Whether it is from human emotions or animal instinct, they are explosive together. Control has an amazing cast of side characters, each one stepping up to the plate when needed. They are supporting and add another level of laughter and humor to the story… If you love shifter stories, you will love this. If you haven't tried one yet, what better place than right here. You could not ask for two better authors to join together, and create a world where, love and commitment, is constantly strived for. Where peace among your peers are held in the highest regard. Where you thrive to keep control your ultimate goal. Whether that control is amongst your people or control in the bedroom, it does not matter. Together they will be unstoppable. You may find that when your heart is involved, control just comes naturally, to the one wielding it, and the one giving it up. Pick your copy up today, read it today, you will be so glad you did.

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