Perfect Imperfections Reviews

The Blogger Girls This is a great story about not judging a man by his public image, and also a story about unconditional acceptance and love.

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The Book Pushers I hadn't read anything by C. in the past, and after reading this book, I have no idea why! ...C. did an amazing job of making me believe in the relationship and love between Reg and Jeremy. I adored both Reg and Jeremy. I loved that they were both so different, and yet complimented each other perfectly. Reg was this laid back and easy going guy who let everything slide off his back. Jeremy was a hot head that let life get to him, and was easily angered and quick to yell. ...The dynamic between them was so much fun to read! I also love the way their romance developed at a snail's pace throughout the book. I loved the way Reg proved that he could be the best friend and asset that Jeremy needed to keep a level head. I also adored the way that they built their friendship on games, beer, and pizza. It was genuine and real and I believed in it with everything. ...Their relationship felt real and honest and although I wasn't sure how it would all work out, I ended up absolutely loving every step of their journey...I adored Jeremy and Reg both, and thought their romance was absolutely perfect.

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The Novel Approach Reviews Normally when I pick up a Cardeno C. story to read, I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Normally there is a sweet love story. We either get a friends to lovers story, a second chance at love story, or a rocky road to happiness story. I have loved every single one I have read up to this point...I feel Cardeno C. has written a great story with Reg and Jeremy....Once Jeremy figures out his feelings for Reg, this turns into a no holds barred love affair. These two men seemed to just be made for one another. I loved how Reg just knew exactly what Jeremy needed, and he made sure to give it to him, and Jeremy could do the same for Reg. There was very little, if any, angst in this book, and I think I loved it more because of that. This was a very slow building romantic love story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommend this title, it really shouldn't be missed.

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The Romance Reviews
The Romance Reviews Reg is just the right kind of laid back to calm Jeremy during his rants and smother the star in understanding and love, two ingredients missing in his chaotic life. At times they play off one another like Laurel and Hardy, their verbal interaction almost becoming a comedy routine....Reg also realizes that Jeremy has missed out on most of the simple pleasures of life and goes out of his way to provide them. Together they are a totally enjoyable and ultimately happy couple. Readers who want a book that will make them smile and bounce away from a story looking at the happy side of life will find this book a welcome relief from the angst in many gay romances.

Three Chicks and Thier Books I loved the relationship that Jeremy and Reg had. Reg was his protector in many ways....Jeremy was cute and adorable and so naive at times...It was fun to watch these two form their friendship. ...The two of them were so perfect together. This was a really cute, light fun read.

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