Until Forever Comes Reviews

My Fiction Nook Vampire + wolf shifter = truly hawt, delicious fun. This book was so damn smexy, I may have needed a cold shower, or three. Miguel and Ethan are constantly on each other, licking, sucking, BITING. Plus, the romance factor was through the roof: knotting, mating, and blood bonding (blood, you all, so much blood). And MINE MINE MINE forever. ...Ethan and Miguel are an awesome couple. Ethan narrates this book in the first-person, and I loved his small-town, farm-boy persona. I giggled many times.

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Rainbow Book Reviews
Rainbow Book Reviews I loved Ethan. He's such a good person that his wholesomeness just overwhelmed me and made me want to wrap him up and take him home. Ethan is innocent but very stubborn, which I adored. Ethan knows how to trust and how to be loyal. What surprised me was that I loved Miguel, too. Miguel is not innocent and he doesn't trust well. He is fiercely protective and tender with Ethan. Miguel is the spice to Ethan's sugar. They were such a great representation of two halves of a whole. I loved, loved, LOVED this book. Everything about it from the incredible writing to the strong and fascinating characters just pulled me in and kept me turning pages. Now I'm sad because I've finished and I don't know when the next book in the series will come out. Much thanks to Cardeno for giving me another set of wonderful men to add to my list of favorite couples.

Redz World Reviews
Redz World Reviews I loved the emotional connection that Ethan and Miguel share. It is an electric spark that jumps right off the page. Ethan behaves as one very young and optimistic, while Miguel is a darker and more stoic. However, the love between them is nearly tangible. ... When you want a paranormal tale that is a little dark and overflowing with emotion, one you will not forget any time soon, Until Forever Comes is the book to pick up.

Romance Novels in Color What is most interesting about this novel is the description of the relationship between shifters and vampires. In most paranormal novels, it is the vampires that are portrayed and the ones feeling superior to humans. In this story/series, however, Cardeno C. portrays the shifters as the elitist and the vampires as the ones trying to assimilate into human society. What I also enjoyed is that Cardeno C. portrays Ethan as a wolf with a host of issues, but the one who, according to his sister, would save them all. My favorite part of the story is the interaction between Miguel and Katherine. I see her as a petulant, inquisitive child, even though she is well over 300 years old.

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Sensual Reads Cardeno C. adds just the right touch of humor to the conversations between Miguel and Ethan. ... Cardeno C. will capture you on the first page and keep your interest as we explore the world created and met the intriguing characters who live in that world. Great characters with a captivating story - how can you go wrong? You can't with Until Forever Comes by Cardeno C.

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